*The below projects are developed solely by me. I have worked worked on more applications under other agencies and situations.


Mediportal is a health portal for American providers and patients. It makes the connection between doctors and patients smaller. It Makes it easier to transfer medical records and chat with all of your providers. Currently inclosed beta. Please check out the links below. 

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Vocabulary List 

The best vocabulary app on google play. Not my words. I needed an vocabulary app that tracked the words I wanted to learn from reading. And that is how this app was born. Currently a work in progress. Please have a look and check out the reviews on google play.

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The creation of Jeff. W. Safewayz, Team midnight coders, was the winner of the intel galileo hackathon 2017 in Poland. Currently in closed beta. Sign up below. Safewayz is enables you to call the emergency services from your device. It also includes google maps and has a community driven map warning system. Please have a look at the video below.



Poli is the codename for an app that will change the way Americans interact with politics and politicians. Poli makes the political environment easily accessible to people from all facets of life. Poli finds relevant information for you based on your location. It then makes it easy to interact with your representatives. You are one click away from knowing where you need to vote. Our calendar tells you all the important political dates so you can stay up to date We have also made registering to vote easy!

*Currently in Beta.





R/Image is a reddit image browser. It is a lightweight but powerful app that is used to browse the images of reddit. R/Image enables you to view only images so you can do what is important, view. R/image is constantly being updated to maintain its greatness.

*I had to remove this from google play because of GDPR







GovPass is an app that is built for immigrants. It is a study app that helps immigrants and natives study for city tests. We have several city tests including, the Dmv test, the citizenship test, the health test, the nail test and more are on the way. We have wrapped these tests in a beautiful package. So far we have Mandarin and English but in the future we will add more languages. GovPass is currently only in the baidu store.