Increase your growth, retention and engagement with deep-links

Hi, I am Spencer. The deep-link specialist.

 Facebook to specific content in app

Facebook to specific content in app


What is deep-linking

Deep-linking is the ability to link directly to specific in app content from anywhere. Deep-linking drives your growth, retention and engagement.


What you get

  1. Deep links boost user growth by enabling more channels users can channels your app

  2. Deep links increase user retention by reengaging current users outside of your app.

  3. Deep-links drive engagement by allowing the targeting of specific content in your app


benefits of deep-links


    • Integrate your app into other platforms with contextual  deep-linking. Get downloads by leverage existing communities/platforms like Facebook, Reddit, twitter, Quora, email, and contextual ads
    • Engage existing users and get new users
    • Enable Growth Hacking in your app 
    • Deep-links adds context to your app. Share your apps deep-links to instantly add value for your users
    • Studies have found retention rates double when a user arrives from a deep-link

    deep-link packages



    Basic deep-link package


    • Deep-Link Into your app. Link to relevant content inside your app 
    • Bonus non technical PDF on how you can create your custom deep-links
    • Bonus non technical PDF on how to deep-link into your app with QR codes
    • 30 day deep-link bug warranty                         

        PRO DEEP-LINKS     





    *Basic deep-links are deep-links for a single activity or fragment that connect to an existing piece of code using one variable like a String or number 


    Still have questions?

    I am Spencer the gentlemen on the left. I have added deep-links to many apps big and small, including apps with over 100,000 users.  Helping make apps be successful makes me excited. I am happy to answer any questions.


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    Frequently asked questions 


    I want to deep-link out from facebook does that cost extra? Yes. Facebook disables deep-linking because they want you to use their proprietary software. In order to get around that it requires additional work.


    My app does this.... can I deep-link straight to a video, item, shop, a piece of information? Yes, to be sure I can check for free.

    Where can I put deep-links? Anywhere you can put a URL. Including ads, Facebook, reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin ect.


    What happens if someone deep-links and they do not have the app? If you have deferred deep-links once the user downloads your app they will deep-link into your specific content.