We turn expat teachers into developers

We specialize in turning expat teachers in Asia into developers. Learn part time while you work.


Start a new career

Challenge yourself with a new interesting career. Work remotely, travel the world while you work, be a freelancer, have a stable career, work in an awesome industry.


Start a new CAREER without risking your current one

You can learn to be a developer while you work. Don’t quit your job, keep it. Learn while you work. Take no risks. Invest in your future career at your existing job.


learn from anywhere in Asia

Don't let your travel plans or location stop you from learning with a professional developer and fellow students. The best way to learn is to self study, reflect and discuss with your peers and to work directly with a skilled mentor.


Learning is easy with peers and a mentor

Our mentors and peers are here to make sure you stay on track and help you out when you need it. We make learning programming social and fun. Learn in a small fixed group. We match you with learners who want to learn the same thing as you. You study the same curriculum together.



Getting started package


Our system is so good we will give you a free getting started package so you can find out if programming is for you. Our assessment will answer all of your programming and career-related questions. We will give you free customized resources for you to reach your goal. We will then invite you to our private community for expats who code in Asia.

  • Custom assessment, find out if coding is a good choice for you

  • Custom resources package, containing the best resources for you to learn what you want

  • Any programming related questions? All questions answered. ( How long will it take me to get a job? What resource should I use?, Can I still learn if….., Will I like coding? How much can I earn? etc)

  • Get invited to our private community for expats coding in Asia

All Free



TEACHER to developer Program

$250 USD

*per month for a total of two months

*Our next cohort is MAY 15th, 2019.

  • Learn programming, learn programming fundamentals, ES6, Object-Oriented Programming, Debugging, Basic Data structures, Functional Programming, Basic algorithms, source control, git and more.

  • Publish your own game, Build and customize your own graphical game using HTML5 and pure Javascript. Implement game mechanics like rendering and moving images, collision detection and control mechanisms. When you are done you should be able to build your own simple Web games.

  • Weekly mentor sessions, Meet with a senior developer who is a working professional with over 10 years of professional experience.

  • Weekly peer sessions, We want your experience to be social. Don’t learn alone in your room. Learn with peers.

  • The most social learning experience on the web. Our learning platform is conversational. Don’t get stuck for hours, use our network to get help.

  • Optional certificate in Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures

  • Curriculum guidance & peer accountability

  • Remote, learn from anywhere!


A formula that works

Follow  Zeke

Follow Zeke


Hi my name is Zeke. I am the creator of The Code Club. I am a self taught Android developer. I have worked on big and small projects for international and small companies. I have no formal education, no degree yet as a developer I am successful. We are using the techniques I learned and wished I had when I was learning programming to make learning as fun and as efficient as possible. The techniques we are using here got me and my peers jobs as developers. Our formula started our professional developer careers. Now we can help you become a developer.