Supercharge your learning

Study Javascript in a fun, social and mentor driven way. We take existing learning materials and supercharge them. You get a mentor, a small fixed peer group, a learning schedule, and accountability.



Get mentored twice a week with an industry leading expert. Get all your questions answered. Find out the holes in your knowledge.


The Best way to learn

The best way to learn is to self study, reflect and discuss with your peers and to work directly with a skilled mentor.


Social learning

Make learning programming social and fun. Learn in a small fixed group. We match you with learners who want to learn the same thing as you. You study the same curriculum together.



Free introduction to javascript

Apply for our free introduction to javascript where you can learn with a mentor. Learn basic programming concepts and get your questions answered. If you would like a free lesson please apply below or add us on Wechat.

Add us on wechat

Add us on wechat



Zero to 0001

$250 USD a month

*Our next start date is January 10th, 2019. We have limited seats so reach out quickly!

  • 2 mentor sessions a week 8 mentor hours total

  • 1 peer session a week

  • a fun social way to learn programming in a fixed peer group (max 5)

  • curriculum guidance & accountability

  • Remote, study anywhere!

  • 4 - 6 self-study hours a week, 2 mentor hours a week and 1 peer hour a week.