How to Fix Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID


How to Fix Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID

Several of my clients have got the ‘Google Play policy violation warning’ email in the last 24 hours. The warning message reads something like, If you do not submit an app update within 7 days your app can will removed from google play. Here is a helping hand to help fix the problem.


To fully understand the violation you need to know what GDPR is and what technologies in your app are relevant to it. Here is a good break down of what GDPR is. If you have not done anything for GDPR you may have a lot of work ahead . A user on Expo forums reported that he has no ads and one of his libraries unbeknown to him has been using Advertising IDs, be warned. A lot of common libraries like Firebase, Crashlytics, Fabric, AdMob and Play services use PII(personal Identifiable information).

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Unlock mobile app growth, retention, and engagement with triggers


This is the first part of a series looking at the book Hooked and applying it to mobile apps. To maximize your apps lifetime value you need great retention. Hooked explains how you can do this by creating habit-forming products. I highly recommend you give it a read if you are working on a product.

“When successful, forming strong user habits can have several business benefits including: higher customer lifetime value(CLTV), greater pricing flexibility, supercharged growth, and a sharper competitive edge. ” Hooked — Nir Eyal

A part of creating a habit-forming product are triggers. There are two types of triggers, external and internal. The ultimate way to increase mobile app retention is to have internal triggers. The majority of us use Facebook, email or another app daily. These services probably no longer require external triggers for us to use them daily. I check my email without seeing a notification. We go to these products naturally. They have internal triggers, which are triggers that happen in the mind. Before you have internal triggers you need external ones. Below is a list of external triggers falling under the categories of earned and owned for mobile apps.

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The UK’s top mobile apps and the GDPR


Before creating this article I did the best I could to apply The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to my products. I created granular consent, age consent, an option to delete all user data, a clear and explicit explanation of what data was being used, I removed libraries and changed features to adhere to GDPR. After creating this article my strategy has changed and I think yours might too. Below I take a look at the UK’s top downloaded apps in April 2018 and see how they handle GDPR.

*Information was gathered on May 31st, 2018.

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The Aspiring Appreneur


The beginning of my Appreneur journey

I am Zeke and I am an aspiring appreneur. I would like to document my travels of how I reach appreneur success. What makes me so special? Absolutely nothing but I want it and I am relentless. I have written two blogs prior to this, one on becoming a master in Starcraft II and the other on being a self-taught developer and getting an Android job. Both of these goals were achieved. I hope to share the lessons I learn along the way.

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The Aspiring Appreneur Blog Post