*The below projects are developed solely by me. I have worked worked on more applications with agencies and under employment including the SNL app, Just eat FireTV, BBC AmericaIFC and more. If you would like to see a resume please click here.


Mediportal is a health portal for American providers and patients. I worked on Mediportal for about a year as a contracted developer. I was the lead dev. This was a fully remote role.

  • Created the provider app
  • I added features such as secure document scanning, turning documents into a pdf and uploading to the backend.
  • Health Questionnaire feature
  • Work on logging and signing up
  • Updating the backend requests
  • improving the UI
  • FIxing many bugs and more 


I was Hired to win the Galileo Hackathon in Poland and to create an MVP for changing how emergency services are called in Europe. Team midnight coders(me as the only dev), won the 'intel galileo hackathon 2017' in Poland. Safewayz is currently in closed beta.

  • Built an MVP in under two weeks
  • Connected real time location services to a backend dashboard
  • Sent emergency information the to the backend 
  • Google maps integration with community map marker warnings, similar to Waze.


Get all your app questions answered


I will answer all your mobile development related questions for free. You can ask me anything relating to mobile apps, including questions about hiring a mobile developer, how to how to increase mobile app retention, an estimate for how much an app will cost, an estimate on how much a feature will cost or other app questions.


Vocabulary List 

This is an in house app. It is has SAAS business model. It makes yearly and monthly subscriptions recurring sales every month. I was the sole person behinds everything in this app.

  • GDPR compliant 
  • I did the ASO. I get around 600 downloads a month 
  • Material design UI 
  • High retention - 6 week at 34%
  • Active community base including facebook group integration
  • Many advanced android features such as, deep-links, push notifications/notifications, advanced analytics, marshmallow text selection, adaptive icons
  • Refined on-boarding
  • 4.5 star rating, the most expensive vocabulary app in google play 

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Poli is an app that will change the way Americans interact with politics and politicians. The goal was to make an app pre-election and to then use it as an advertising tool for politicians. 

  • Log in SIgn up 
  • Connects to a backend and used a political API
  • Easy ways to get in touch with politicians based on location
  • Provides voting tools, like where to vote based on location
  • Political callander for all important events, including exporting


*Currently in Beta.





R/Image is a reddit image browser. It is a lightweight but powerful app that is used to browse the images of reddit. R/Image enables you to view only images so you can do what is important, view. R/image is constantly being updated to maintain its greatness.

*I had to remove this from google play because of GDPR







GovPass is an app that is built for immigrants. It is a study app that helps immigrants and natives study for city tests. We have several city tests including, the Dmv test, the citizenship test, the health test, the nail test and more are on the way. We have wrapped these tests in a beautiful package. So far we have Mandarin and English but in the future we will add more languages. GovPass is currently only in the baidu store.